Windows Activation Scam

A new Windows Activation scam has been discovered that pretends to be a Windows Activation screen and talks to you every time you click on the screen. These scammers then want to charge you $99.99 USD to remove the infection.

Source: Windows Activation Scam locks your screen and doesn’t Shut Up!


Made in the USA: Lenovo to Open PC Plant in North Carolina

This surprises me and makes me happy. I have had very good relationships with Thinkpads in the past and this may incentivize me to have more in the future. The really surprising part is the “no local or state incentives” part. Good for North Carolina.

Lenovo’s US manufacturing facility is currently under construction and expected to open early next year. The firm received no local or state incentives to expand in this fashion, it said.

via Made in the USA: Lenovo to Open PC Plant in North Carolina.