James Joyce’s Contribution To Theoretical Physics

17 Words Invented By James Joyce | Paul Anthony Jones


Quarks are subatomic particles considered one of the building blocks of all matter. They were discovered in the 1960s by the US physicist Murray Gell-Mann, who originally called them quorks until he came across a bizarre line in Joyce’ Finnegan’s Wake: “Three quarks for Muster Mark!” Noting that quarks can cluster together in threes to form other subatomic particles called baryons, Gell-Mann changed the name from quork to quark and credited Joyce with the name.

via 17 Words Invented By James Joyce | Paul Anthony Jones.

The Leviathan


Let’s hope they can make the full length feature.

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Army develop Pocket Size Drone


Prox Dynamics’ PD-100 Black Hornet, a palm-sized miniature helicopter weighing only 16 grams, has the ability to fly up to 20 minutes while providing real-time video via a digital data link from one of the three embedded cameras and operates remotely with GPS navigation. Tiny, electric propellers and motors make the device virtually undetectable to subjects under surveillance.

Army researchers develop Cargo Pocket ISR | Article | The United States Army.

Kindle Paperwhite video review | The Verge

This really looks like the best of both worlds: An e-ink reader that can be use in bright sunlight and the dark without a separate light.  The downside of this over my old Kindle would be no audio out. That means no Audible books or text-to-speech, both of which I use on my current one in the car. I might have to wait for a Paperwhite II to see if this feature comes back.

Video: Kindle Paperwhite video review | The Verge.